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Ticketlake is a global end-to-end e-ticketing platform that offers world-class solutions to all events. Powered by a blockchain algorithm for preventing fraud, and featuring military-grade encryption for securing data, Ticketlake ensures full control over events. It enables seamless ticket sales and validation, as well as an easy check-in. With Ticketlake, you can reach a global audience, boost sales, and provide customers with a greater level of convenience. Do more with:

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    Global Ticketing and Payment Support

    TICKETLAKE integrates international payment solutions ranging from card payments, mobile payments to digital wallets. This enables you to buy and sell tickets anywhere in the world.

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    End-to-end Event Management system

    Our comprehensive solution for events handles attendance management, cashless spending, seamless check-ins, digital wallets, and customizable event pages through our API.

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    Real-time Event Analytics

    Ticketlake provides detailed statistics of sales. This means that you can see in real-time, the number of tickets sold, validated, canceled and refunded (in unlikely situations) which would have cost more in time and money to do manually.

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    360 Ticketing Solution

    Our 360 solution incorporates all digital ticketing methods, hence event tickets are easily accessible to all.

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    Offline Ticket Validation

    In internet challenged areas and times of internet outages, be rest assured the robustness of TICKETLAKE ensures that all tickets are still validated. This is a world’s first in e-ticketing solutions.

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    Taking into consideration how limited most of our natural resources are, we are proud to say we go green in our business. Employing digital methods in our ticketing helps us save the planet and enjoy it at the same time.

The Ticketlake Team

Meet the amazing team making the magic happen at Ticketlake

Henry Otoo

Henry Otoo

Product Manager & Marketing Executive

Sadisu Hassan

Sadisu Hassan

Business Development Strategist

Hillary Widanama Adare

Hillary Widanama Adare

R&D Executive

Daniel Aboagye Kodjoe

Daniel Aboagye Kodjoe

Head of Finance