Corporate Social Responsibility

Affecting the lives of global communities and building a better future together.

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We Are Stronger Together!

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we’ve partnered with Healthmates Nutrition, an NGO in Ghana that provides meals and healthcare assistance to malnourished kids in remote areas across the country.

As a company that believes in family and the spirit of community, we support our partners with donations and regularly visit an array of communities to try and impact their lives. Our first-hand experience enables us to better advocate for help and assistance through networks we have ties with, constantly relying on the experience and professionalism we’ve developed over the years.

We strongly believe that poverty, hunger, and inequality should have no place in our world. No one should ever go hungry in a world full of healthy food sources. To contribute to eradicating poverty, we operate Nsuso farms that provide livestock, crops, and premium food products to agriculture businesses and developing communities.

We engage in projects that provide nutritious meals to remote communities in developing countries. Together with our partners, we ensure healthy lives for all, help societies thrive, and create a better world for future generations.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

No poverty, zero hunger, and well-being

Our Nsuso farms focuses on sustainable farming practices to promote better agriculture and achieve food security and improved nutrition for the general promotion of good health and well being of the communities we serve.

Decent work and economic growth

We facilitate economic growth through sustainable practices and our ground-breaking technological solutions, and ensure decent work through diversity, inclusion, and productive employment.

Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Through our innovative tech solutions, as well as sustainable and resilient infrastructure, we promote inclusive industrialisation across industries.

Sustainable cities and communities

We believe in a safe, resilient, and sustainable future. Together with our philanthropic partners, we continuously work to make that future a reality.