Exceptional products that maximize business opportunities and enhance lives.

Hexagram provides you with premium products designed to take your business to the next level. Embrace seamlessness with our revolutionary technologies.

Our Products Portfolio

With innovation at the heart of our every solution, our products are designed to meet the needs of businesses and people.


Ticketlake is a global end-to-end e-ticketing platform that offers world-class solutions to all events. Powered by a blockchain algorithm for preventing fraud, and featuring military-grade encryption for securing data, Ticketlake ensures full control over events.

It enables seamless ticket sales and validation, as well as an easy check-in. With Ticketlake, you can reach a global audience, boost sales, and provide customers with a greater level of convenience. Do more with:

  • Global Ticketing and Payment Support
  • End-to-end Event Management system
  • Real-time Event Analytics
  • 360 Ticketing Solution
  • Accountability
  • True Convenience
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Our Services

At Hexagram, your success is our priority. Every product and service in our offer is carefully designed to ensure your utmost satisfaction. We leverage sophisticated tools and technology to develop high-quality solutions that meet your every need, whether you’re in agriculture, e-commerce, healthcare, technology and engineering, entertainment, food distribution, or any industry in between.

Our premium services and products turn challenges into opportunities.

  • Revolutionize your business with cutting-edge technology

    It is our goal to provide every business with sophisticated technological solutions that can drive their growth. We’ll help you transition into the digital world and embrace tailored solutions that can optimize your workflow.

  • Streamline your processes and astonish your audiences

    Nsuso, Ticketlake, and Febys are designed to help you stay on top of your business and offer your customers and audience better experiences. With streamlined processes, you’ll boost customer loyalty and improve your bottom line.

  • Take advantage of the power of innovation

    Innovation lies at the heart of Hexagram. We develop innovative solutions that can answer all your prayers and help your business reach success.